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Invisible Bridges

Having traced the invisible cultural links of Central, Southern and Eastern Europe with Invisible Bridges, Dusha Connection has unearthed a musical treasure: 

the trails of traditional folk music and their cross-fertilisation—against the background of Europe’s diverse population and changing history—provided the inspiration for this quintessentially „European“ jazz album.

At the end of the 15th century, Sephardic Jews were expelled from Spain and Portugal and migrated to the Mediterranean East. And thus, for example, a fado theme can be heard in the leitmotif of a Bosnian sevdalinka, the ballad typical of Sarajevo (My Dear), and Yiddish klezmer harmonies appear in Macedonian folk songs (Early Dawn).

Since the Ottoman period, oriental scales and rhythms have shaped the song traditions of the Eastern Balkans (Wedding Trip, Love Games).

The Viennese Ensemble Dusha Connection feat. Wolfgang Puschnig traces its own history and identity with great musical sensitivity; idiosyncratic, delicate, and sometimes boisterous acoustic arrangements are interpreting the partially forgotten folk tunes of their European cultural heritage into a contemporary jazz language, often keeping the original uneven rhythms, thus far quite unusual in jazz. (Pressetext)

Alena Baich

Wolfgang Puschnig – Alto Saxophone

Sebastian Schneider – Piano

Clemens Rofner – Double Bass

Esad Halilovic – Drums

My special thanks go to Alena Baich and Sandra Ziagos for their enthusiasm and help throughout the research process, Christian Kolonovitz and HomeBase Recording Studio for the musical and technical support, Monica Meehan, Dorothea Grimberg, Dino Rekanović, Amar Tahirović, Eva Petrič, Christoph Stickel, Clemens Mathias Nowak and all those who contributed to this project in a professional, creative and generous way.

Esad Halilovic, founder of Dusha Connection

* The cover and design for the new CD were done by Dino Rekanović and Amar Tahirović. Original objects, photographed by Dino Rekanović, belong to the visual artist and photographer Eva Petrič.


Recording Session „Invisible Bridges“

Dusha Connection „Invisible Bridges“

01 Hey Dogs

02 Wedding Trip

03 My Dear

04 Love Game

05 Baia

06 Early Down

07 Bombay Calling

08 Prayer

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